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Zoltan L. Radvanszky, MBA

IESE Barcelona - Master of Business Administration

University of California Los Angeles - BS, Mathematics



Paper Based Tests (PBT) such as The Revised SAT Reasoning Test or The TOEFL PBT Test - The TOEFL ITP Test

Paper based tests have their own weaknesses compared to non-paper based tests. The Best Private SAT Tutors will train you to consciously exploit paper based test weaknesses by teaching you how to ...

•  jump around within an SAT-TOEFL PBT-TOEFL ITP Test section in order to manage your time properly and build your confidence level by the time you get to the most difficult questions

•  use your pencil actively so that you can aid the above process, maintain your concentration level throughout this unusual intellectual marathon, and balance your speed with your precision by avoiding the traps and tricks included in the SAT-TOEFL PBT-TOEFL ITP TEST questions and answer choices

These methods, coupled with the question specific strategies The Best Private SAT Tutors will familiarize you with, will ultimately get you ahead of your competition.  

Computer Based Tests (CBT) / Internet Based Tests (iBT) such as The TOEFL iBT Test

The Computer Based Test/Internet Based Test is a different "animal". Jumping from one screen to another is NOT as straightforward as jumping between questions on paper, so do NOT do it even if jumping around is permitted. It is much more difficult to track things and you will get confused! Besides, second guessing yourself both on the Paper Based Tests and the non-paper based tests is a terrible idea! Fear tends to hinder decision making and second guessing is predominantly motivated by fear.

Except for jumping around, you will have to use the scratch paper provided to you to do very similar things to those explained above, under paper based tests. The Best Private TOEFL Tutors will train you to use scratch paper efficiently through a process called Extreme Shorthand Note Taking, combined with anticipating visual and/or auditive information based on certain trigger words. For a near Perfect TOEFL Score, you must take Extreme Shorthand Notes while also applying the question specific strategies taught to you! 

Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) such as The GMAT CAT Test or The GRE CAT Test


Question-Wise Computer Adaptive Tests such as The GMAT CAT Test

The GMAT CAT Test does NOT allow you to jump around within a section. Moving on to the next question is NOT possible without answering a given question. The GMAT CAT Test starts you out with an average score, which can be increased or decreased depending on your performance on a specific question.

Additionally, The GMAT CAT Test gives you extra punishment - extra points lost - for the following:

• early mistakes

• not finishing the test - leaving questions unmarked at the end

• consecutive errors

To achieve a near Perfect GMAT Score, you need to be flawless on the early questions, finish the test, as well as avoid making consecutive errors! The Best Private GMAT Tutors will teach you specific GMAT CAT Strategies to achieve all of these requirements at the same time and will give you plenty of homework to become well versed in all of these GMAT CAT Strategies!



Section-Wise Computer Adaptive Tests Such As the GRE

The GRE Test is typically made of several sections of varying difficulty level, depending on your performance on a specific section comprised of many questions. The GRE Test starts you out on a section with average difficulty level, on which you must perform well in order to deserve a more difficult next section. The GRE Test allows you to jump around within a given section and provides a tracking system to aid this process. Use this tracking system to jump around if you cannot solve all the questions. The more questions you solve correctly, the better you do on the given section. The Best Private GRE Tutors will teach you effective question specific GRE Strategies in order to achieve a near Perfect GRE Score. 


Zoltan L. Radvanszky, MBA

  • IESE Barcelona - MBA
    UCLA Los Angeles - BS, Mathematics
  • Over 15 years of private and group test preparation experience; Coaching the full spectrum of the university application process.
    Reputation Maximization, Verifiable References, Private Test Preparation, Super Efficient, Career Advising, Educational Advising, Professional Mindset, Outstanding Inspirational and Motivational Skills
  • ELITE TEST PREPARATION: I helped my clients get into Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, New York University, Yale, Brown, Chicago, UCLA, USC, London Business School, London School of Economics, Warwick, INSEAD Fontainebleau, HEC Paris, IESE Barcelona, Bocconi Milan, University of St. Gallen, etc.